GigaMIMO™ Ultra High Gain Outdoor/Maritime MIMO/Dual Antenna for Modems Hotspots Routers Omnidirectional Diversity/Aux ±45° Polarization

GigaMIMO Outdoor/Marine MIMO/Dual Antenna

GigaMIMO™ Outdoor/Maritime MIMO/Dual Antenna for Modems Hotspots Routers Omnidirectional Diversity/Aux ±45° Pol (GMI-50-OHM)

The GigaMIMO™ (Gigantic MIMO) by WirEng® is a powerful, innovative, true MIMO antenna especially suitable for the marine environment. The GigaMIMO™ has enclosed and sealed elements to protect its performance even in harsh environments, and has a practically omnidirectional radiation pattern. Since the GigaMIMO™ is high gain and omnidirectional, it is especially suitable for situations where the there are several service towers in different directions, or where aiming at a service tower is not practical, such as in moving locations or when a user is located between multiple service towers. The GigaMIMO™ gain power comes from the employment of eight state of the art antennas and two high-efficiency combiners, featuring ultra-linear response on all frequencies between 700MHz and 3800MHz to support virtually all cellular/data carriers worldwide! The GigaMIMO™ can be used with a variety of radio equipment systems, including MIMO/Diversity/Aux modems, hotspots, and routers (as the external antenna) and with many other applications in the 700MHz to 3800MHz range. The GigaMIMO™ features antenna elements that are fully enclosed and all-weather resistant, and is also suitable as a rooftop antenna and for in-field applications (newscasting, camping, etc.). The connectors on the GigaMIMO™ (included) combiners are N Female. Assembly required. The GigaMIMO™ is made in the USA with domestic and imported components and includes a one-year warranty period. Patent pending.

Main Features and Benefits

  • The GigaMIMO™ is a powerful, innovative, omnidirectional, ultra-efficient MIMO/dual antenna perfect for situations where aiming at a service provider location is not possible, such as in vehicles, vessels, improvised setups, etc. The GigaMIMO™ adheres to the latest MIMO standard of +45° and -45° electrical-field wave polarizations.
  • The GigaMIMO™ features ultra wide operational bandwidth and elements that are sealed into anti-UV high-quality ABS plastic, for top performance independently of weather conditions. The GigaMIMO™ can be used with RF equipment that requires a MIMO (+45° and -45° polarizations) antenna and also with devices that have a second (aux/diversity) external antenna connector.
  • The GigaMIMO™ can also be used with modems, hotspots, routers, and with M2M applications. Since the GigaMIMO™ contains two sets of independent antennas (one set with +45° polarization and the other with -45° polarization), it is perfect for MIMO devices or devices with a second antenna option (RX diversity/Aux), (Device-specific adapter not included. Search for ExtAnt adapter and coaxial cable if you want to connect the GigaMIMO™ directly to your device).
  • The GigaMIMO™ operating frequency range is 700-3800 MHz with a peak gain of 2 x 18 dBi*, a horizontal aperture of 360° and a vertical aperture of 60°. The GigaMIMO™ nominal impedance is 50 Ohm and the connectors are N Female. This is the white version with 50 Ohm impedance (SKU GMI-50-OHM). The GigaMIMO™ is mainly recommended for outdoors (pole) applications.
  • *Gain in dBi values are averages increases obtained by comparing the standard/internal device antenna to a properly-installed GigaMIMO™ located substantially higher than the device location. The GigaMIMO™ measures 40 x 26 x 40 inches and weighs 16 lbs. Made in the USA with skilled craftsmanship. Patent Pending. One year manufacturer warranty included.
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