RVAnt™ RV/Truck/Railway/Boat 8-Elements Vehicle/Marine Antenna for Boosters, Amplifiers, Repeaters, Modems, Hotspots, Routers Omni with DEP™ Data-Enhancing Polarization™

RVAnt™ by WirEng®

RVAnt™ by WirEng®

The RVAnt™ by WirEng® is an industrial/military strength RV/vehicle/mobile/railway/truck/train/boat DEP™ (Data-Enhancing Polarization™) omni antenna suitable for a vast variety of applications. The RVAnt™ is made made with thick fiberglass and marine-grade stainless steel to withstand even the harshest of environments. The RVAnt™ is 100% compatible with all 2G, 3G and 4G bands worldwide providing maximum propagation on all frequencies between 700MHz and 3800MHz. The RVAnt™ can be used with a variety of radio equipment systems, including single-connector modems, hotspots, and routers, and with boosters, amplifiers, and repeaters (as the external antenna) . The RVAnt™ is fully enclosed and all-weather resistant, and requires pole mounting, where the pole can be either vertical or horizontal (professional installation recommended). The connector on the RVAnt™ is N female, and an F-Female adapter (for 75-Ohm systems) is also included (because of its Ultra-Wide Band technology, the RVAnt™ works flawlessly with any system with nominal impedance between 45 and 80 Ohms, as long as the coaxial cable matches your system’s impedance). The RVAnt™ is made in the USA with domestic and imported components and includes a one-year warranty period. Patent pending.

Main Features and Benefits

  • The RVAnt™ is a DEP™ (Data-Enhancing Polarization™) omnidirectional antenna built using the highest industrial/military standards and made exclusively of top-grade, thick fiberglass and marine-grade stainelss steel, which make the RVAnt™ virtually indestructible.
  • The RVAnt™ uses WirEng® DEP™ technology for maximum propagation due to its eight internal elements, which are evenly distributed inside the antenna, and polarized for maximum data reception and transmission. The RVAnt™ is compatible with virtually all 2G/3G/4G bands worldwide and can also be used with virtually any radio equipment in the 700 to 3800 MHz range.
  • The RVAnt™ can also be used as the external antenna with boosters, amplifiers, and repeaters and it can be mounted on a vertical or horizontal pole by simply rotating its u-bolts. For maximum sensitivity and performance, we recommend using two RVAnt™ with a repeater system, one externally and one internally.
  • The RVAnt™ operating frequency range is 700-3800 MHz, with nominal impedance of 50/75 Ohm. The connectors are N Female/F Female. The RVAnt™ is mainly recommended for outdoors/vehicle applications.
  • The RVAnt™ measures 12 x 12 x 12 inches and weighs 6.8 lbs. Made in the USA with skilled craftsmanship. One year manufacturer warranty included.
  • MSRP US$1499.99


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